Silicium, the Danish word Silicon, is the second-most common element found on earth.
It is also a musical outfit who experiment with any type of technology that can further their quest in blurring the borders between the physical and virtual dimensions in a musical performance.
The aim is to merge and shape these experiments into a coherent, unified expression of sound, image and movement.
The 20th of May, Bjørn Christiansen and fellow experimentalist Carl Emil presented SILICIUM III. This was their third production under the Silicium moniker and it’s worldwide debut was groundbreaking at Click Festival in Helsingør.
The artists have in their manifold explorations of sound and technology created a new groundbreaking workflow which incorporates visual “instruments”.
This enables a new level of flexible live improvisation. As with the previous SILICIUM performances, SIII will be presented on the Culture Yard Holographic Stage in stereographic 3D.
This re-exploration of how an electronic concert is experienced and performed enables hitherto unseen optical illusions and Tina Tarpgaard from the Recoil Performance Group has served as an invaluable creative mentor.
Interview in danish about the project
Out-takes from SILICIUM II – 2016
Back in 2015, Bjørn Christiansen and Carl Emil presented their first Silicium experiment at the Click Festival. For this performance they utilised a holographic stage with stereographic projection and 3D-tracking.The setup enabled an illusion of the performer appearing inside a reactive virtual environment.
Out-takes from SILICIUM I – 2015