Bjørn Christiansen aka Bjørn Svin (b.1975)

Bjørn is an explorer in sound, melodies and expression. Just as his audience thinks they grasp his style, his musical journey takes them to another level.

Already as a teen Bjørn started exploring with sounds. Creating naive melodic ambient music on synthesizers.

Inspired by the rave culture he got into more rhythmical expressions which led to his first music release in 1995 under the alias “Bjørn Christansen” on Stranger than Paradise Records.

The minimalistic techno music that started to occur at that time, as well as the more alternative artists such as Like a Tim, Plaid and Aphex Twin became the main inspiration for a new output from Bjørn. A minimalistic, playful and very melodic dance music that was both intriguing and naïve at the same time.

His new contributions were, at that time, warmly welcomed and he quickly gained popularity in Scandinavia and the rest of Europe for his Albums Mer Strøm (1997) and Benene på Nakken (1999) released on April records.

In the late 90’s Bjørn started to incorporate a performative and rather spontaneous approach to his musical arrangements. Which led his music into a more groove oriented area. He began to play a lot of live sets and quickly built up a reputation of being a unique character on the techno scene because of his eccentric and energic live sets.

In the 00’s Bjørns music became more animated, elastic and organic whilst starting to develop a new non-conformist musical expression. To fully explore this new arena of sound Bjørn found it natural to leave the club music connection behind. The result of which became a more self-contained universe of rhythmical sound and harmonies. Creating a musical language that aims to make the actual articulation of his sounds a substantial part of the experience.  The results of this musical departure were released on the highly acclaimed album Browen (2010) by Rump Recordings.

Recently his music has become more hypnotic, trippy and – as a unification of all the aspects of his creative life, also more directly danceable.

At present his music unifies a dark and futuristic timbre with playful rhythmical expressions ranging from the repetitive tribal like dance music to the more cinematic and abstract.

The unpredictability is still there, but in a more playful and less provocative manner.

Bjørn Svins latest music is still unreleased, but have a taste of his latest tones on Bjørns soundcloud